The Literal Truth



Established by God (Acts 2:41-47), and

Corrupted by Man (Rev. 3:15-19.

A Study and Analysis of its Reformation Needs

With Commentary on Political and Social Issues of the Day

The material presented herein represents the author's literal interpretation of authorized scripture, and commentary relating to the subjects discussed.  Rom. 3:4 says in part, "Let God be true, but every man a liar".

The sense of which, as it applies here, means let God's word stand in its specific truth and authority, and every man a false witness who contends otherwise in any particular (constituting some degree of heterodoxy, even heresy).

The writings are the result of nearly fifty years of study, mainly for the purpose of composing critical commentary dealing with the controversy caused by the advent and proliferation of the Arminian, free will gospel concept, which is the belief system of practically the entire universal church of today.

The concept is essentially a "free will" philosophy, resulting from  misinterpretation, and corrupting modification of related gospel truths.  See the factors noted in the foreword of my treatise, "Disputing the Free Will Concept", per Table of Contents, pdf file, item 2.

My motive has been to meticulously serve the cause of God and His truth by:

1.  "Expounding the way of God more perfectly (thoroughly)".  Acts 18:26.

2.  "Disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God".  Acts 19:8.

3.  "Rightly dividing (interpreting) the word of truth".  2 Tim. 2:15.

Let the reader openly and conscientiously consider the explanations set forth by the author, to see if they may be true, or not, and then do what the results may dictate in terms of the personal and corporate reformation which is sorely needed throughout the Christian world church. 

 Questions and comments submitted in good spirit are welcome.  I know what the impact of the strong positions stated in these writings can be upon the majority of God's people, who are steeped in a contrasting false theological basis for their gospel beliefs.  

I am, therefore, sympathetic because I was there for a number of years and the transition to the Calvinistic literal principles, that I now solidly believe and hold was a considerable struggle, at first.  But, my spiritual convictions confirm the rightness of my beliefs, and I know accordingly that God wants, even commands, all believers to come to a unified position of His truth, not the false gospel consensus which prevails today.  But, rather, one mind, one heart, and one accord, as with the early churches, and in Eph. 4:13, Phil. 2:2, and Col. 3:22.

To which end,  I hope that we would all earnestly pray, and endeavor toward!

Author: Everett Falvey